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7 Steps To Declutter Your Smart Phone And Tablet The KonMari Way

Smart phone apps
After decluttering my entire house according to Kondo Marie’s method, it’s time to apply her philosophy to the digital “stuff” stored in my computer, phone and tablet.  It’s a daunting task, but I figured, if I could clean out my house, I could do anything!  I decided to tackle my smart phone first since it’s something I use everyday and it’s always running out of memory storage.

Decluttering your phone will speed up your phone and help your batteries last longer.

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7 Toasts To Love This Fall

I LOVE the fall season!!  It is my favorite season of all.  Crisp air, falling leaves, burnt amber foliage, everything about it is so beautiful and inspiring.  Get your F R E E Fall inspirations printable HERE)
Juju Sprinkles Toast Matcha Nutella Falling Leaf

If you saw my previous post on toast, you will know that I am a little obsessed with toasts.  Whenever I make a toast for snack or breakfast, I feel like an culinary artist.  The toast is my blank canvas where I can add anything I like, really, anything.  Salsa and egg when I feel bold.  Pbnj when I feel nostalgic.  Avocado mash when I feel free. Continue Reading

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Treat Yourself To These Fabulous Finds At Rare Device

One of my favorite things about being a student was shopping for school supplies!  Back in those days, I loved the end of August because I could go on a back-to-school shopping spree where I bought enough colored pens and highlighters for a whole class.  Nowadays, I buy stationery for a slightly different reason.  I buy stationery as a small treat for myself.

They do say it’s the little things that count 😉

I have walked past this shop so many times because it’s a block from my fav salted caramel ice cream.  But I never noticed it because usually my mind is on what ice cream I am going to have.   I finally learned about this shop through a friend who lives nearby, and what a gem!  Rare Device carries a curated collection of locally and internationally handmade creations.  Every time I go, something new and fun is on display.  It’s like a bazaar full of artistic inspirations! Continue Reading

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30 Ice Cream To Eat Right Now : Summer 2015 San Francisco Part 2

Juju Sprinkles Ice Cream SF Checked
Yes, the second roundup of top ice cream spots in San Francisco is here (Part 1 here)!  This second roundup is comprised of winners in the Gelato, Softserve and Frozen Yogurt categories.  To make things less confusing, I made a poster to show the differences between each type of ice cream.  During my research, I found some surprising facts.  For example, I always thought frozen yogurt was the healthiest option, but it has a lot more sugar than the rest even though it’s low fat or fat-free.  So if you are counting calories, fro-yo doesn’t work because it actually has similar amount of calories as ice cream.  But who counts calories when they are having ice cream?

Juju Sprinkle Ice Cream Comparison Chart
One of the perks of living in San Francisco is that the city is very health conscious.  You will find that many of the ice cream shops are not shy about sharing what natural and organic ingredients they use.  But if you live elsewhere and eat ice cream regularly, I recommend sourcing out higher quality ice cream for your indulgence.

  • O=Organic options
  • V=Vegan options
  • M=Multiple locations


16.  Holy Gelato – Holy it’s amazing!  Besides having a large selection of gelato and sorbets, they have an array of vegan gelato as well.
( 1392 9th Ave San Francisco, CA 94122 | 415-681-3061 ) O / V
Don’t miss: Honey Lavender & Irish Morning
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30 Ice Cream To Eat Right Now: Summer 2015 San Francisco Part 1

I have officially reached and probably exceeded my yearly quota of ice cream.  San Francisco is an Ice Cream Mecca.  I had no idea there are SO MANY amazing ice cream spots when I first decided to take on this ambitious mission.  The amount of ice cream calories I consumed for this mission is…worth every count!  My husband would agree, he was always delighted when I asked him to help me finish my cones.

If you are in San Francisco, THIS LIST IS ALL YOU NEED.  These 30 golden spots will satisfy any ice cream cravings this summer (or year round, nobody is judging).

PART 1 has all the ice cream spots whereas PART 2 has all the gelato, sorbet, frozen yogurt and soft-serve spots (some places sell more than one type).  Confused by all the types? Here is a visual comparison of ice cream and gelato (sorbet is simply gelato without the dairy (replaced with water or soy/coconut milk).

Every single one has something special (flavor, texture, ingredients, toppings, etc.) that makes it popular and beloved by locals and tourists alike.  To make it easy for your next visit, I have selected 1 or 2 flavors that you must not miss (at least ask for a sample when you are there) based on customer reviews, scooper recommendation and my taste buds of course =)  Now, get your napkin ready for your drool, here is PART 1 of my ice cream adventure!

  • O=Organic options
  • V=Vegan options
  • M=Multiple locations

1.  Bi-Rite Creamery – Legendary ice cream. Each flavor is spot on delicious!
( 3692 18th St San Francisco, CA 94110 | 415-626-5600 ) M / V / O
Don’t miss: Salted Caramel (tad sweet, but burnt caramel flavor is spot on) & Balsamic StrawberryJuju Sprinkles Ice Cream Birite

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Complete Checklist For KonMari Method

Have you Konmari-ed everything? I am still stumbling upon items that I had missed!  So I decided to do this once and for all, a COMPLETE checklist to help you thoroughly Konmari your house (including your children’s room) Exclusive for Sprinklesletter subscribers!  Become a subscriber now (sign up HERE) and receive it for F-R-E-E via email!

I created an exciting new solution called the Tidy-Like-a-Pro Kit. It’s designed to significantly reduced the time and stress of de-cluttering.  No need to be overwhelmed, the kit will guide you step by step and keep you on track!   Check it out at Sprinkles Shop.

Go above and beyond?  Here’s how to Konmari your smart phone and tablet!

Freebies to inspire you to declutter your life!

Spark Joy wallpaper

KonMari coloring page

Organizational and pantry labels

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Everything You Ever Need To Know About Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee much?  I wish I could everyday, but I have a super weak stomach.  I can only have a few sips before the acid starts to make tornadoes in my tummy.  But I still love coffee, I would kill for an iced coffee on a hot day. Well, no one needs to die thanks to cold brew coffee!  My husband introduced me to cold brew coffee sometime in May when he stumbled upon Stumptown coffee at our super badass neighborhood bakery.  I didn’t think much of it at first, but since I started drinking cold brew, I noticed my tolerance for coffee has increased from a few sips to almost a whole cup.   I started to research into this cold brew miracle and found out that it has a lot less acid and many other great benefits.  So here is everything I learned from my research, hope you will try cold brew coffee on your next coffee break! (it’s my first time making an infographics, hope you like it =)

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What’s The Big Deal With Toast?

Summer-peach-cheese-toastThe Mill Loaf 9749Apparently this year’s food trend is toast!  Really?  Toast?  I decided to find out what the big deal is about and there is no better place than The Mill in San Francisco.  In case you haven’t heard, their toast is $4 dollars each and they are selling out like hot cakes (or toasts?).  The Mill has created quite a buzz around the nation for their posh toast (probably due to $$$$).  But I must admit, it is damn good.

So what does a $4 dollar toast look like?The Mill Cinnamon Toast 8134 Continue Reading

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This Is What Pluto Really Looks Like Closeup

New Horizon Flyby PlutoWhat a monumental day it is!  Nasa’s New Horizon spacecraft has just completed its mission to fly by Pluto after NINE years in space.  It’s the first time in history that we have a close snapshot of what Pluto looks like.  I can’t wait to see what they will discover on this tiny planet.  Although Pluto was re-classified as a dwarf planet in 2006, it will always be a real planet for me!  Celebrate and enjoy this moment!

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Common Side-effect of KonMari Continued

My husband never comments on my blog.  He did yesterday because he found out I tossed out some of his stuff when I KonMari-ed the house.  But it’s fine, he said some of the stuff needed to go anyways.  Yay, I am off the hook!

So have you been able to influence your significant other to KonMari?  I am curious about how it went.  My husband actually KonMari-ed his clothes and books, but the drive somehow stopped there.  I am wondering how to get him to continue with his miscellaneous stuff category.  Any suggestions?  Meanwhile, I am having some sleepless nights thinking about stuff he needs to get rid of.  Does this happen to you, too?

KonMari Side Effects Sleepless

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Common Side-effect of KonMari

I hope my husband doesn’t see this…

I might have “accidentally” KonMari-ed some of his stuff without his permission. But I have a valid reason!!! It’s hard to keep stuff separated when you are living with someone else. So it’s not my fault when his ugly shirts appeared in my sight when I was KonMari-ing my closet. For those who have KonMari-ed, you know what I mean right? When you are in the KonMari zone, you are unstoppable!

Anyways, this is just one of the many common KonMari “side-effects” I came across. I want to draw more, but we will see how this one goes (if it doesn’t get me in trouble).

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How To Make A $100 Fruit Bouquet Under $20

Ever seen an edible arrangement at a party before?  I have always wanted to make one because a fruit bouquet makes a beautiful centerpiece at any events. However, it seems like a lot of work and doesn’t allow you to make it ahead of time.  Well, I decided to make one for my sweet brother-in-law’s surprise graduation party to thank him for being so amazing.  As shown in the photo, it was a success!  Here’s the actual cost breakdown, all for under $20! Continue Reading

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9 Amazing Results Of The KonMari Method – Part 2

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has brought incredible changes in my life.  Here are more amazing results (part 1 here) I discovered after completing the KonMari method.  It’s hard to believe that a book can have such an impact! Sign up and receive complete Konmari checklist!

5. Bye bye impulse purchase, hello smart shopping! Everyone I talked with has become a more conscious shopper!  When you use the Spark Joy philosophy to shop, you become immune to discounted deals and special sales.

Smart Shopping KonMari Continue Reading

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9 Amazing Results Of The KonMari Method – Part 1

So what happens after you have KonMari-ed your house?  Have you noticed anything different? It’s not just the house that feels orderly and tidy, my life has entered a brand new stage as well.  Is it the same for you? These are 9 amazing changes that I have noticed after completing the KonMari method (Part 1 and Part 2).  I even Konmari-ed my smart phone and tablet.  Checkout how to do declutter your phone and tablet here.

1. Spark Joy decision making goes on autopilot!  It’s so much easier now to decide if something sparks joy or not.  You become a master of saying YES to what works for you and NO to what doesn’t work!

Autopilot Decision Making KonMari Continue Reading

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The One With All The Cheesecakes!

I am not really crazy about cheesecake, but if it’s from Zanze’s, I am willing to make an exception!  Mr. Zanze has been making cheesecake for over 36 years, so it’s no wonder his cheesecakes have won me over.  Their cheesecakes are not your typical dense New York style cheesecakes.  They have an airy mousse texture that melts in your mouth (somewhere along the line of ice cream and whipped cream). There is also a light sprinkle of graham cracker crumbs on the top and bottom of the cake that blends harmoniously with the creamy cheesecake.  I am officially hooked on these cheesecakes.  I was looking forward to having it last night, but my husband had polished off the last 2 pieces before I got home.  How could he!!!  Things you tolerate for love…

Zanze Cheesecake 1 Continue Reading

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KonMari Spark Joy Wallpaper

Thank you for your support on my 10 Illustrations that Perfectly Sum up the KonMari Method post.  Enjoy these Spark Joy wallpaper for F R E E!  Check out my F R E E “Joy of Fall” printable for more joyful images =)

Sign up for Sprinkles Letters and receive the complete Konmari checklist and many more exclusive offers!

Desktop WallpaperDownload SPARK JOY wallpaper for your desktop here.

Mobile WallpaperDownload SPARK JOY wallpaper for your mobile phone here. Continue Reading

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San Francisco’s Best Almond Croissant: Thorough Bread and Pastry

If you are not an almond croissant fan, now you will be.  As you probably already know, I am on a dessert mission to discover all the best sweets in San Francisco.  So far, I have found the most delicious kouign amanns, monkey breads and scones in San Francisco.

Now it’s time for the much beloved almond croissant.  Thorough Bread and Pastry has perfected the almond croissant with flaky and buttery crust and creamy but not too sweet almond paste.

There is a good reason why this is the best almond croissant.  The owner Michel Suas is the founder of San Francisco Baking Institute specializing in artisan bread and pastry.  He has published Advanced Bread and Pastry with in depth information and techniques on baking and he is also a partner at b. patisserie (extraordinaire of kouign amanns).  So it’s not hard to imagine why Thorough Bread and Bakery creates the most prize-worthy almond croissant I have ever had.  Behold, my Thorough experience:

Thorough Bread Part 1 Continue Reading

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11 Tips To Make The Most Of Farmers Market

Summer is in full swing and so is the farmers market!  I have been going to the farmers market for years, it’s the only place I get my fresh produce because I love to eat with the season and support local businesses.  Farmers market is also a great place to get culinary inspirations.  Here are the tips that I have learned from my experience at my farmers market!

1. Early bird gets the best picks!  If you can’t go early, then go late because you can get discounted prices since the vendors want to sell all their products before they go.  The trade off is limited selection.

Go Early

2. Bring your own bags / wheeled cart.  I highly recommend a wheeled cart, it makes the shopping experience a breeze because you don’t need to walk around with a handful of heavy groceries, plus you can look stylish.  I usually have a cooler bag in the car so that I can put fresh cheese or eggs in it. Continue Reading

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10 Illustrations That Perfectly Sum Up The KonMari Method – Part 2 of 2

Welcome to part 2 of my KonMari summary. (Part 1 HERE if you haven’t checked it out already!)   I hope you will enjoy these illustrations and share this KonMari magic with others!  Did you know that Marie Kondo has published a second book called “Spark Joy” with more insight into mastering the art of de-cluttering?  Check out the 12 illustrated wisdom about her new book!

Tidy-Like-A-Pro Kit has been launched!  This Kit will guide you step-by-step from start to finish and offer valuable tips to save you time and energy.  Guarantee to take you to the very end of decluttering!  To find out more about it, click here.

Receive a F R E E complete full checklist when you sign up!

7. Follow the right order of categories.  After Clothing category (here’s some inspiration on how to organize your jewelry and how to fold wrinkle-free), proceed to Books, Papers, Miscellaneous (subcategories 4.1-4.7 can be KonMari-ed in your own order) and finally Memorabilia.

Konmari Category 1 Clothing copy Continue Reading

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10 Illustrations That Perfectly Sum Up The KonMari Method – Part 1 of 2

Ever since I read the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, I have been KonMari-ing rigorously.  It’s so inspiring that I decided to sum it up visually to get more people on board with this life-changing method.

I have created a new solution called Tidy-Like-A-Pro Kit to help you significantly reduce the stress and time of de-cluttering.  It has everything you need to help you reach a clutter-free home. Check it out in Sprinkles Shop, it will change your de-cluttering experience.

1. Treat your tidying up as a special event! (carrying the balloons is Marie Kondo, the amazing organization extraordinaire)

Konmari Celebrate 1 Continue Reading

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Here’s How Classic American Food Is Done Right

What comes to your mind when you think of classic American food?  Is it hamburgers, corn dogs, McGriddle, donuts or cinnamon rolls?  Whichever it may be, I think it’s safe to say that it’s probably something that you have a love-and-hate relationship with (it’s got to be cinnamon rolls with or without icing for me).

So far, it’s been easy for me to avoid stuffing my face with these classics because they are usually not made with natural ingredients.  However, this is about to change~

Breakfast Sandwich Juju Sprinkles Continue Reading

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Kouign Amann – Flaky Pastry You Need To Know

Have you heard of Kouign Amann?  Well, if you haven’t yet, now you will!

This buttery goodness comes from Brittany, France, and is also known as Breton cake.  The name kouign-amann is pronounced “kween-amahn”.  The direct  translation is “cake-butter”, which I personally think is a better name in english-speaking countries because “cake-butter” conjures a much more vivid and delicious imagery than “queen-amahn”.

b patisserie 1Call it “queen amahn” or cake butter, this buttery pastry is so good that when you take a bite into its flaky layers of goodness, you frown because you can’t figure out how the heck can a pastry be so flaky on the outside, yet chewy on the inside.  If this wasn’t the experience you had when you tasted a kouign-amann, you should go try another place. Continue Reading

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12 Foolproof Ingredients To Cook With Shiso

When I think of shiso, I think of sushi. I always thought of shiso as more of a garnishing herb until I bought a bundle last weekend at Alemany’s Farmer’s Market. As you probably know, I am a huge farmer’s market fan. I don’t splurge on clothes, but I will splurge on food, especially on fresh new ingredients. Thankfully my husband is pretty open to tasting new dishes, which allows me to concoct crazy combinations and have someone to give me honest feedback.Shiso Leaf Juju

This sprig of shiso is my challenge of the week. I searched up and down for shiso related recipes but I found that there are not that many recipes online compared to recipes made with more popular herbs like basil, parsley and oregano.  But that’s totally ok. Sometimes you just make up your own recipes! This might sound strange to you, but for me to get really comfortable with cooking a new ingredient, my approach is to learn what other flavors / ingredients match well with my new one. By understanding what match well with what can really help you become a more creative cook.

Here is a quick example of what I mean by matchmaking: we all know chocolate is great on its own, but isn’t it amazing when matched with hazelnuts, mint, coffee, or raspberries? Matching an ingredient with the right one(s) can elevate its flavors to the next level.

After doing some experiments and research, here is my foolproof illustration of ingredients to match with shiso. If you know anything else that goes fantastic with shiso, let me know!


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