The Best Eight All-Natural Cleaners For Your De-cluttered Home

Spring cleaning is really a 2 phase process.  First one involves de-cluttering your stuff, the second involves the actual cleaning.  If you have already tidied up your house, why not try all-natural cleaners to clean your home?  My husband was the one who first introduced me to natural cleaners.  I remember watching him spraying down my cellphone left and right with a blue spray bottle.  I totally freaked out because I thought he was going to make my cellphone all wet.  But then he explained it was just a mist of vinegar and water to disinfect my phone. Vinegar and water?  Who would have thought!  Speaking of cellphones, don’t forget to de-clutter your smart devices as well!

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100+ FREE Designer Pantry Labels To Add Spark To Your Kitchen And More

Seriously, who doesn’t love labels?  When I was young, I was a sticker hoarder.  Every time I went back to Taiwan, I would go on a sticker shopping spree and splurge on gorgeous stickers from Japan and Korea.  Basically, if it’s cute, it goes in the basket.  You might wonder what I do with all those stickers, well, so many things!  On my notebooks, agendas, greeting cards, camera, books, pretty much anywhere that needs a touch of sparkle! These are the patterns I created for my labels.  The colors are inspired by spring flowers from Cherry blossoms (pink), forget-me-not (serenity blue), primrose (snorkel blue), pansy (buttercup yellow), poppy (fiesta red) and snowball viburnum (green flash). Continue Reading

This Is The Last Spring Cleaning You Will Ever Need To Do

Spring cleaning is coming.  It was never  something I looked forward to, but ever since I declutter-ed my home, cleaning has never been easier.  We all know that spring cleaning is much more than the act of cleaning and washing stuff, it’s the clutter that consumes the most energy and time.  Before you know it, your spring cleaning becomes a time sucking trap and you are drowning in stuff that you can’t decide whether you should clean or just throw away.  Trust me, I’ve been through it.

This year, it’s going to be different.  Spring cleaning will be so easy that you don’t even know what hit you.  The Tidy-Like-A-Pro Kit is a detailed guide that will help you tidy your home at your own pace.  It keeps track of where you are so you can resume when you have time.  If you have read Marie Kondo’s book of de-cluttering, you will love this kit.  It shares many of her philosophies with actionable steps to make this process as easy and smooth as possible.  After you have tidied up your home, polish it off with all natural cleaners that are easy to make, and healthy for you!

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Forecast: Cherry Blossoms! 6 Tips To Spring Into Happiness

One of the first signs of spring comes from the cherry blossom trees on my street.  When they bloom, all the branches are covered with candy cotton clusters of cherry blossoms.  Every time I look at them, I can’t help but smile because they just look so beautiful.  Shades of pink against the blue clear sky is like the perfect photo shoot.

Unfortunately, cherry blossoms don’t last very long.  It always makes me feel a little sad to see fallen blossoms scattered on the ground.   So overwhelmingly beautiful yet such a fleetingly life.  However, they also remind me to embrace the present moment because who knows what might happen next.

There is no better time to “bloom” and create happiness than this very instant.

Feeling inspired, I picked up my pen and started drawing.  Below are 2 artwork inspired by cherry blossoms.  They are available at Sprinkles Shop.  Each set includes 3 formats.  Circle shaped for 8x10in frame, greeting card in 5x7in and original for 8x10in frame. Pink set: Continue Reading

How To Order Your Boba Tea Drink Like A Taiwanese

Have you tried boba tea yet?  It’s also called tapioca or bubble tea.  If you have read my other post, you probably know I am a little obsessed with boba tea.  Sometimes I think boba tea actually runs in my blood because I am always craving for boba tea.  I even made origami boba tea for my wall decor and created boba tea emoji characters.

Boba tea and I go way back. I started drinking boba tea since I was 6 years old.  Back in the days, the lids were dome shaped and the only topping was boba.  Nowadays, there are so many creative options making it fun but also intimidating to order a boba drink.  Often times the menu is as extensive as a Chinese restaurant menu.  Most people I know just order the standard milk tea with boba.  There are some that will request for less sweet, but other than that, customization stops there.  But if you have been in Taiwan, you will realize that

locals customize their drinks like they own the boba tea shop.

Trust me, once you customize your boba drink, you can never go back.  Customizing is not only fun, you can control the calories while getting the same satisfying taste.

1. Tea

The tea and the boba are the 2 pillars of a good boba tea.  Many milk tea is made with black tea unless you specify otherwise.  If you like the roasted black tea flavor, try customizing a Pu-er (aged tea with earthy notes) or Tie Guan Yin (roast nutty character oolong tea) tea with milk.  If you like lighter and floral tea, try jasmine green tea or osmanthus oolong.  For those that need a bit of caffeine kick, matcha is the go to choice.  It will keep you alert but calm for a good 3 hours.  Check out this post to learn everything about matcha. 

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Life-Changing New Year Printable You Need This Year

Happy New Year everyone!  Time to make some awesome plans and make them happen!  Last year at this time I spent a whole afternoon writing down my new year’s goals and planning out how to achieve them.  The goal-setting worksheets I used were amazing.  They helped me visualize what I needed to do each week to reach my goals.  This year, I designed a new set of goal-setting worksheets that will help you kick start your new year with a bam.juju-sprinkles-new-year-goal-printable-2017-free-new Continue Reading

8 Christmas Gift Tags For People Who Love To Color

December is here!  I love this time of the year with all the colorful Christmas lights and yummy holiday feasts.  But most of all, I love all the creative crafts that I get to do during this time of the year.  Every year, I make my own Christmas cards and a ton of cookies.  This year, I am trying a new project – making my own Christmas gift tags.  Gift tags always feel like something you slap on your gift last minute because you didn’t have time to prepare a nice card.  It doesn’t have to be this way anymore.  If you want to get SUPER organized, I recommend this Ultimate Holiday Planner that I designed to simplify holiday planning and to be reused year after year.jujusprinkles_christmas_gift_tag_printable

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DIY Gold Bead Bracelet You Totally Want To Wear

Where have you (bracelet) been all these years!!!  I can’t believe that I never used bracelet as an accessory until this year.  Please don’t judge me~~  I think the reason that I haven’t considered bracelet as an accessory is because I used to play piano and dangling bracelets are sort of distracting.  Now that I don’t really play piano anymore, it’s time to bring on the bracelets!  Cling cling!!
JujuSprinkles_DIY_Gold_Bracelet Pinterest 800I have to thank my sister for the inspiration to wear bracelet again.  For her baby shower, we wanted to have a little crafting activity for all of her bff’s and what better idea than to make “friendship” bracelets to celebrate their friendship!  But rather than the traditional braided bracelets which are quite challenging to learn in the amount of time we had, I put on my thinking hat and came up with this one of a kind gold bead bracelet that is super simple and looks amazing!JujuSprinkles_DIY_Gold_Bracelet1It takes about half an hour from beginning to end to make one bracelet.  The hardest part is gathering the right parts and pieces.  In the “jewelry world”, there is a whole set of jargon like findings, spacers, crimps etc. that you have to learn first.  It took me hours to master the jewelry lingo before I was ready to shop online for each component for this project.JujuSprinkles_DIY_Gold_Bracelet8

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Why Everyone Loves Snorlax

In the world of Pokémon, the most recognized Pokémon is without a doubt our zappy little Pikachu.  If you have watched the Pokémon cartoon, you will know that Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur make up the Magnificent Four in the Pokémon world.  However, ever since the Pokémon Go was released, popularity of Snorlax has sky rocketed for several obvious reasons.  First of all, he’s a mythical pokemon which means he’s hard to find.  Secondly, he’s got the looks.  It very well resembles a cross of Miyazaki’s Totoro and a giant teddy bear.  Fluffy and cuddly.  Thirdly, it’s got a cool name.  Snore+Relax = Snorlax.  Just pronouncing the name makes me want to take a snooze.  Not to mention Snorlax’s lifestyle makes all Pokémon (and me) jealous.  He just sleeps all day and wakes when he’s hungry.  No need to exercise, just sleep, eat and sleep.  Just imagine a life where you could eat all the ice cream you wantJuju Sprinkles Snorlax Pokemon Life Continue Reading

Feed Your Pokémon This To Catch Them All

Juju-Sprinkles-Pokemon-BowlI am not sure how it happened, but I am totally addicted to Pokémon GO.  My weekend consists of stopping at pokéstops, throwing balls at pokémon and drinking boba tea like no body’s business (this one is just personal preference).  And lucky for me, my husband is fully supportive of my latest obsession, so he volunteers to be the designated driver while I sit in the passenger seat spinning pokéstops and throwing balls at those cute little creatures.  Occasionally there are some cursing because they feisty creatures don’t want to cooperate, but with a razz berry or two, they succumb to my curve balls (usually). Continue Reading

This is How Mr. Nigiri Celebrates International Sushi Day

Did you know June 17th is International Sushi Day?  Sugoii, more reason for sushi!!

In honor of this important day, I decided to sketch a little something something.  Here’s what came out of it!  I call him Mr. Nigiri.  Hope you will like it!  Juju-Sprinkles-Sushi-Comic1 Juju-Sprinkles-Sushi-Comic2

By the way,  many Japanese restaurants will serve complimentary dish to celebrate this special day!

Got a favorite roll or nirigi you always get?  Love to hear it!

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A New Beginning (with Ice Cream)

I am back!!  Last two months have been a whirlwind of events.  I changed to a new job, went on a honeymoon that was long overdue and visited my parents living on the other side of the globe.  I am just so thankful to be settling down again and returning to my sketchpad.

Over the last two months, I have accumulated a mega list of ideas that I can’t wait to draw/make/do and share on the blog.  Here’s a little appetizer to what is yet to come.  Hope you will feel cool and refreshed with the summer in full swing!

Juju-Sprinkles-Ice-Cream-and-Life-Web3Juju-Sprinkles-Ice-Cream-and-Life-Web2Juju-Sprinkles-Ice-Cream-and-Life-Web1background photos courtesy of White Hart Design

Need more ice cream?  Check these out…

Ice cream you can’t miss when you are in San Fran

Craziest ice cream flavors across the country

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Everything You Ever Need To Know About KonMari Folding

Konmari Folding 85x11 FinalB“Now that I have KonMari-ed all my clothes, how do I fold them correctly?”  I am sure I am not the only one with this question.  If you have seen my 10 illustrations that summarize the KonMari method, you would have discovered a cheat sheet on how to fold your basic clothes wrinkle-free and make them stand upright.  However, I realized that there are still many different types of garment that require specific folding instructions.  With that in mind, my sketching hands got to work.  Before diving into the folding method, here are the fundamental principles for folding the KonMari way: Continue Reading

12 Wisdom You Should Know from Marie Kondo’s Second Book “Spark Joy” – Part 1 of 2

SUGOI! (Japanese equivalent of “Awesome!”) The sequel to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is finally here!

I have been waiting for this book ever since I de-cluttered my place KonMari style.  Truth be told, I wasn’t  sure if I KonMari-ed correctly because ever since I completed the process, I’d had numerous moments when I took out my clothes and felt no particular excitement.  I thought everything you now own should make your heart tick.  I was beginning to wonder if I didn’t go far enough with the KonMari method.  Not only that, I still had burning questions about how to approach things that I needed but didn’t bring “Joy”..
So when Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up was released last month, I hopped on it like a thirsty bear and devoured the whole book in a matter of 2 days.
The book was just what I needed.  It reinforced some of my speculations, answered many of my questions and brought fresh new insights into my world of tidiness.
Now that I am in the process of revising my closet space and adding more sparks to my storage areas.
So without further ado, here are the 12 wisdom (part 1) I learned from her latest “Spark Joy” book.
1.  It’s all relative!Juju-Sprinkles-Spark-Joy-Konmari-1

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Extreme KonMari: Tiny House Living

Have you heard of the tiny house movement?  It’s a social movement where people are downsizing to smaller spaces that range from 100 to 400 square feet!  To take that into perspective, just imagine living in a house the size of two 8×10 ft bedrooms!Juju Sprinkles Extreme KonMari Tiny House 14

This weekend, I attended a tiny house meetup at a local community college and oh boy, was that an experience.  Talk about simple living!  I got to tour a newly built tiny house called “the Dandelion”.  It was a school project built by students enrolled in their tiny house program.  The total space is only 144 square feet, but it has all the standard features of a house.  I really like the tiny house concept because it’s a mobile home that can be customized to feel just like a real home.   Juju Sprinkles Extreme KonMari Tiny House Dandelion Continue Reading

How to be More Awesome than Last Year? Checkout these New Year’s Resolutions Cheat Sheet

2016 is here, what are your new year’s resolutions?  I don’t know about you, but I think being more awesome than the year before is a pretty good one 😉At the beginning of every year, I like to jot down a list of things that I want to accomplish for the new year but I have to admit, many of them never materialized.  For example, I have always wanted to self study Japanese but it never quite happened.Juju Sprinkles 2016 Resolutions 2

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The Coolest Farm-To-Table Juice Ever

I am back in San Francisco!  I have finally recovered from jetlag from my trip in Taiwan.  Weeee!

As I was contemplating on what to share for my first post upon returning to the U.S., I started craving for Dochi Juice.  I knew right away that’s my topic for the post.  During my stay in Taichung (middle of Taiwan), I discovered this super cool juice shop called “Dochi Juice” (it literally means “Which Juice” in Japanese).  This isn’t your standard juice shop where you pick a juice blend from a preset menu.  See the image below?  You pick up your own “fruit or vegetable Lego” from this giant display wall.  Farm To Table Dochi Juice Juju Sprinkles 1

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How To Have An Uber Awesome Sister Road Trip

Juju Sprinkles Sister Road Trip 800x1057Juju Sprinkles Sister Road Trip Map

Last week my sister and I set off on our very first sister road trip down the Pacific Coast. It was not our first time traveling together.  In fact, we have been on a lot of crazy adventures together on our own like hiking the Inca Trail and canoeing up the Columbia River.  I used the term ‘crazy’ because we encountered some major “glitches” like having difficulty breathing due to high altitude sickness or getting caught in a current we couldn’t get out.  Fortunately, we always overcame those obstacles and laughed about them later (after we recovered). Continue Reading

The Very First Joy Club – Discover And Spread Joy All Around Us

Juju Sprinkles Joy Club October Badge 800x800Ever since I discovered the book – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, I have become a Joy Seeker. I am always on the lookout for things that bring me joy and eliminating things that no longer do so. For those who have gone through the KonMari purge, I am sure you can relate to that feeling.

Although I very satisfied with the finished result of my Konmari-ed my apartment and smart phone, something seemed to be missing. It took me nearly half a year to finally realize that surrounding myself with joy is not the final destination. The highest level of happiness is being able to share and bring joy to others.

Surround yourself with joy & SPREAD it!

Once I realized what I had been missing, I knew I had to act on it immediately.  I decided to launch The Joy Club where everyone can share their simple moments of joy and share them with people from all around the world.Spread the Joy Holding pumpkins

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Top Pantone Colors For Fall 2015 – FREE “Favorite Things Of Fall” Printable

When I think of fall, I think of red, orange and brown. But in the Pantone world, it’s a totally different and rich interpretation.  This year, Pantone has developed a gorgeous palette for fall that I couldn’t help resist making a post on it.  Here is the link to the full story behind each color they selected.
Juju Sprinkles Pantone Fall 2015 Colors 800x800

Here’s all my favorite things about fall with Pantone inspired color palette:

Juju Sprinkles Pantone Fall 2015 Colors Joys Continue Reading

Fall Inspirations – FREE “Joy Of Fall” Printable

I L O V E nature, it never ceases to amaze me.  Last week I went on an 8 mile hike where I was thoroughly immersed in the fall season with changing foliage.  Leaves were turning from green to yellow to red and the trail was covered with fallen leaves.   I was snapping away like a detective, recording everything I saw on my little adventure.

I was so inspired by the experience, when I got home, I began to doodle like mad in my sketchbook.  This “Joy of Fall” is one of my finished drawings.  It depicts one of my favorite things about fall – stepping on colorful and crunchy leaves and kicking them up!  It makes me smile when I look at it.  I hope it will do the same for you!

Joy of Fall KickReceive this “Joy of Fall” printable in PDF for F R E E by joining Sprinkles Letter. If you already signed up, you would have received a direct link to this print in this week’s Sprinkles Letter!

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DIY Jewelry Organizer That Sparks Joy

I love buying jewelry, but I always struggled with how to organize them effectively (necklace get tangled up, earrings lose its partner, etc.)  Thanks to the KonMari method, I have reduced my jewelries in half and decided it was time to finally find a “home” they rightfully deserve.

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