Life-Changing New Year Printable You Need This Year

Happy New Year everyone!  Time to make some awesome plans and make them happen!  Last year at this time I spent a whole afternoon writing down my new year’s goals and planning out how to achieve them.  The goal-setting worksheets I used were amazing.  They helped me visualize what I needed to do each week to reach my goals.  This year, I designed a new set of goal-setting worksheets that will help you kick start your new year with a bam.juju-sprinkles-new-year-goal-printable-2017-free-new

juju-sprinkles-new-year-goal-printable-2017juju-sprinkles-new-year-goal-printable-2017-more-lessjuju-sprinkles-new-year-goal-printable-2017-freeThe design is inspired by one of my favorite flowers, Sakura, or cherry blossoms.  Receive them for FREE by joining Sprinkles Letters!

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