Forecast: Cherry Blossoms! 6 Tips To Spring Into Happiness

One of the first signs of spring comes from the cherry blossom trees on my street.  When they bloom, all the branches are covered with candy cotton clusters of cherry blossoms.  Every time I look at them, I can’t help but smile because they just look so beautiful.  Shades of pink against the blue clear sky is like the perfect photo shoot.

Unfortunately, cherry blossoms don’t last very long.  It always makes me feel a little sad to see fallen blossoms scattered on the ground.   So overwhelmingly beautiful yet such a fleetingly life.  However, they also remind me to embrace the present moment because who knows what might happen next.

There is no better time to “bloom” and create happiness than this very instant.

Feeling inspired, I picked up my pen and started drawing.  Below are 2 artwork inspired by cherry blossoms.  They are available at Sprinkles Shop.  Each set includes 3 formats.  Circle shaped for 8x10in frame, greeting card in 5x7in and original for 8x10in frame. Pink set:Can you find the 2 little chicks in the drawing?Blue Set:Now, take a look at these 6 tips to spring into happiness!

  1. Embrace the present.  This means to focus on what it happening at right now and make the best out of it.  What you have planned for later is for later, time to be present at this very moment.

2. Try something new.  Take a class, try a new activity, or if you love baking, bake something new like strawberry chocolate bunny buns!  Explore the possibilities!3. Do things for others (just because).  Take sometime and try to do something for someone.  It could be anything like helping your parents konmari / spring clean to volunteering at a community center.  Whatever you decide to do, do it generously and expect no return.  4. Take a walk.  Simply taking a stroll round your neighborhood or a park regularly is wonderful for your body both physically and mentally.      5. Pause and watch the blossoms fall.  Spring is here.  Take a moment to observe nature around you.  Whether it’s watching the cherry blossoms fall, or listening to the birds sing.  Take a break and connect with your surroundings.6. Do something you enjoy.  This one should be easy.  Do something that you always enjoyed doing, and don’t worry if it has no “purpose” or seems silly.  Everyone is unique.  Do something that will make YOU and ONLY YOU happy!  For me, I sketch and I just found some old sketches that I started and never finished.  No shame in that!Hope you feel inspired by these tips to spring into happiness.

Happy spring! More instant download artwork available at Sprinkles shop.

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