Hi, I’m Juju.

I drawing, I  crafting, I  cooking, and most importantly

I LIVE for making this world a happier place.

Juju Sprinkles is an inspirational website that focuses on sharing gratitude, ideas and projects that will inspire people and make people smile.

It is filled with sketches and photos because I am a big believer in a picture is worth a million words.

So feast your eyes, be inspired, and smile!




Juju’s bio

Born on the bubble tea island of Taiwan, it’s hard not to be crazy about food when small eats are found in every street corner, and new culinary creations unfold every day to tingle with your taste buds.

Passion for food reached the next level when we moved to Canada. Sure, bacon, poutine and maple syrup are nice but not nearly as inspiring as multicultural potlucks. Every other weekend my mom would take me to a neighborhood or a friend’s potluck where I witnessed first hand how home cooks adapted authentic recipes to local ingredients. They were truly culinary masters.

While the weekends were full of tantalizing buffets, life was pretty boring being a kid in the cold and quiet country.

I turned to crafting as an escape. For several years, I built miniature house models from scratch in the wee hours of the night. Now I attribute my superpower of making little things to O’Canada.

Fast forward to college, I majored in marketing and later became a marketing manager for a Belgian chocolate company.
Those were spellbinding years, Mr. chocolate and I. So when I decided to pursue interior design, it was a difficult breakup.

Fortunately, the breakup was justified, more or less, for the following reasons:

a) I met my husband while studying interior design in San Francisco.
b) I learned to draw. Sincere thanks to Jennifer M. at UC Berkeley who mentored me.
c) I designed the Taipei 101 Observatory.

Now I am ready to start a new chapter in my creative life of crafting, cooking and drawing, and maybe start dating chocolate again. I hope this website will bring sprinkles of happiness to your life, too!

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