Feed Your Pokémon This To Catch Them All

Juju-Sprinkles-Pokemon-BowlI am not sure how it happened, but I am totally addicted to Pokémon GO.  My weekend consists of stopping at pokéstops, throwing balls at pokémon and drinking boba tea like no body’s business (this one is just personal preference).  And lucky for me, my husband is fully supportive of my latest obsession, so he volunteers to be the designated driver while I sit in the passenger seat spinning pokéstops and throwing balls at those cute little creatures.  Occasionally there are some cursing because they feisty creatures don’t want to cooperate, but with a razz berry or two, they succumb to my curve balls (usually).

I wonder if there are other things you can feed (or toss at) your Pokemon to seduce them into the ball. I would imagine some kind of Japanese comfort food since Pokémon is originated in Japan.  A beautifully arranged bento perhaps?  After all, bento is THE heart and soul of Japanese portable food culture.  As I contemplate what kind of bento my Pokémon would like, it suddenly occurred to me that the answer is already there!  Pokémon must love POKE!  Who can resist freshly caught ahi tuna marinated in a simple concoction of sesame oil, soy, lemon juice, garlic and onion?  If that’s not enough, add on some razz berries and candies, I think no Pokémon can resist. Juju-Sprinkles-Pokemon-Bento1Here’s my latest pokebowl to fuel my Pokémon craze. Juju-Sprinkles-Pokemon-Bowl1Some of my catches in action.Juju Sprinkles Pokemon1 Juju Sprinkles Pokemon3 Juju Sprinkles Pokemon2Honestly, I have forgotten how fun it is to be immersed in a game.  The last time I got hooked was probably the Legend of Zelda on a Nintendo Game Boy, which is totally ancient now.  I don’t know how long this Pokémon fever will last, but as far as I am concerned, I am going to catch them all!  My latest prized catch is the Jynx.  My husband and I caught it by the ocean last night.  Never seen it before, but it looks really cool.Juju Sprinkles Pokemon Jynx

And in case you are wondering what does the word Pokémon mean, my husband told me it’s short for Pocket Monster in Japanese 🙂

I encourage you to try this game if you haven’t already.  It’s really easy to play, no gaming experience needed.  Plus you will discover new places and get your body in shape with all the walking.  But be alert of your surroundings as you pause to throw the perfect ball at your Pokémon.

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