Why Everyone Loves Snorlax

In the world of Pokémon, the most recognized Pokémon is without a doubt our zappy little Pikachu.  If you have watched the Pokémon cartoon, you will know that Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur make up the Magnificent Four in the Pokémon world.  However, ever since the Pokémon Go was released, popularity of Snorlax has sky rocketed for several obvious reasons.  First of all, he’s a mythical pokemon which means he’s hard to find.  Secondly, he’s got the looks.  It very well resembles a cross of Miyazaki’s Totoro and a giant teddy bear.  Fluffy and cuddly.  Thirdly, it’s got a cool name.  Snore+Relax = Snorlax.  Just pronouncing the name makes me want to take a snooze.  Not to mention Snorlax’s lifestyle makes all Pokémon (and me) jealous.  He just sleeps all day and wakes when he’s hungry.  No need to exercise, just sleep, eat and sleep.  Just imagine a life where you could eat all the ice cream you wantJuju Sprinkles Snorlax Pokemon LifeMy very first Snorlax!Juju Sprinkles Snorlax Pokemon

To show you just how popular Snorlax is, check out this video clip from Taipei, Taiwan of people stampeding after a Snorlax appearance.

If you want to catch one, I highly recommend you install Go Radar app.  It will show you the exact location of where the Pokémon are appearing at and how many minutes the Pokémon will be there before it disappears.  This app helped me capture my first Snorlax.  When I saw it appeared on the map, I drove out to the location to catch it.  Trust me, it’s well worth the extra effort.Juju Sprinkles Snorlax Pokemon Go Radar

I kind of want one of these now.Juju Sprinkles Snorlax BedHave A Happy Snorlax Weekend!

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