DIY Business Card Magnets

I am thrilled to share with you my new business cards!  I have never designed a business card for myself before.  It was so much fun and took no time at all!  It’s funny how it happened so quickly from idealization to product.  I spent 2 hours in Adobe Illustrator, went to a printing service and ordered adhesive business card magnets online.  The next day the magnets came (thank you Amazon Prime free one day shipping) and my business cards are ready for the red carpet! So here’s my first magnetic business card.  Since I printed it myself, I had the liberty to choose different colors. 

I would say for 50 cards, it took me under an hour to cut and paste while I was watching the Great British Bake Off.  It was so easy to do, I am totally DIY-ing my business cards from now on.

Creating your own business cards takes time.  Whether you order them from a printing service or make them yourself, the most important thing to remember is that your business cards need to reflect you or your company.  It was a conscious decision to make my own business cards since I am a hands on crafter.  I don’t think printing out standard business cards would match the image of Juju Sprinkles.  As for the magnet idea, I just like things that have a purpose.  The last thing I want is my card to be sitting in a pile of other business cards creating paper clutter (one of the principles of decluttering is to get rid of paper things).  To make this business card magnet you will need:

Card Stock paper
Craft knife or Paper Trimmer (one of my favorite crafting tools)
Adhesive Business Card Magnets (around $10 for 100)

The total cost per card (not including crafting time) is 15 cents!

If you need more than 100 cards, I would probably order them online to save time.  But since I only printing them for a party that I helped decorating, I only needed 30 cards.  Hope this DIY project has inspired other ideas!  Thanks for taking the time out to read my post.  If you like this post, you can…

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