FREE Spook-tacular Halloween Cards

Halloween time!  Oh man, as a child, I LOVED Halloween.  I would be preparing my costume weeks in advance and basically put it on everyday up til the day of to admire the complete ensemble.  Then on the night of Halloween, we would always trick-or-treat until our bags overflown with all kinds of candies.  Somehow just the mere act of carrying a bag full of sugar gave me a high.

As an adult I feel like I have “outgrown” the kids’ version of Halloween.  The excitement of getting free candies has waned and getting dressed up has become too much of a trouble.  (Unless of course, my neighbor has decided this year to give out Chocolove’s almond and sea salt dark chocolate or Alter Eco’s quinoa dark chocolate. Gosh, I feel like such a candy snob while I am typing this.)

Anyways, I still love Halloween but in a more “adult” way.  Parties and spooky decorations are always a treat.  I love walking by houses decorated with white cotton spider webs stretched on shrubs and handrails, zombie hands and parts strewn on the lawn, pumpkins carved with ugly faces and bony skeletons hung by the windows and doors.

In the spirit of Halloween, I made my own party banners, cupcake toppers and labels and bingo game!  And did I mention Halloween cards?  You can download this F R E E  Halloween Cards treat instantly! (Sign up here, or if you have subscribed already, it’s already in your mailbox)  These greeting cards can be used for your kids or for your family and friends.  I usually like to print cards on card stock paper.  You can also print on regular paper and glue it on a folded card stock.

Download your F R E E Halloween cards now and share this BOO-tiful and fun holiday with all your SPOOK-tacular family and friends!

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