DIY Grocery List Magnets

In my household, I am the “designated” cook.  It’s not that my husband can’t cook, I just think it’s best that we focus on what we are good at rather than what we are not-so-good at .

Anyways, being the home cook also means taking on the task of grocery shopping.  Luckily, our farmer’s market is a super fun place to shop. It’s a block from our apartment and every Sunday morning vendors from local farms set up stalls selling their freshest goods.  The fresh produce offerings always evolve with the season and vendors often bring new varieties of vegetables or fruits that I have never seen before (tips for shopping at farmer’s market).  It’s a great place to get inspired and learn about new cooking techniques.

That said, I usually need to make another run to the neighborhood supermarket to get items like milk, yogurt and meat.  I don’t mind doing 2 grocery runs but it can get real frustrating when you think you have picked up everything only to find out that you forgot something because whoever finished it didn’t tell you about it.  There goes a third grocery store run on my precious weekend… 

So I came up with a simple solution for this ongoing problem – Fridge magnets!We probably all have some kind of fridge magnets, but these aren’t for holding up photos and postcards, these grocery magnets help keep track of what’s needed for the next grocery shopping.  Basically, whoever finishes something from the fridge or pantry last will place that item’s magnet into “the basket” so we know what we need to add to our grocery list.  It’s a very low tech solution but a highly effective one.  It’s kind of like having a smart fridge that tells you what you need to replace or replenish except it doesn’t cost a leg and an arm .  If you have kids, they will absolutely love this interactive solution!

Items you need:

Card stock (8.5 x 11 inch sheet to print your grocery clipart stickers and basket)

Packing tape

Craft glue

Magnet sheet (8.5 x 11 inch) – you can use any types of magnets.  I just found some magnet circles in my craft bin.

*Circle punch (1″ round)

*Wooden circles (1″ round) – I used 3/4″ round since since I had some from previous crafting project.

*Alternatively, you can skip the wooden circles and circle punch.  Simply glue your printed clip art onto a magnet sheet and cut out squares using a pair of scissors.  Make sure the magnet sheet has a strong hold.  You can also use glass pebbles for a fancier look.  Glue the flat side of the glass pebble onto the face of the image then glue magnet on the back of the image.

In this clipart set, you can also customize your own items with the blank package/carton stickers!

Here’s another simple solution to divide up your household chores.

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