DIY Jewelry Organizer That Sparks Joy

I love buying jewelry, but I always struggled with how to organize them effectively (necklace get tangled up, earrings lose its partner, etc.)  Thanks to the KonMari method, I have reduced my jewelries in half and decided it was time to finally find a “home” they rightfully deserve.

I started looking for the perfect jewelry organizer; one that would allow me to try on my jewelries quickly and put away easily.  The search seemed to take forever until I stumbled upon an old stamp drawer at an antique fair in Sacramento.  It was love at first sight.  I knew exactly what I needed to do to transform it into the ultimate jewelry organizer.
The best part about this jewelry organizer is that it keeps everything in sight and in one location (perfectly aligns with KonMari philosophy).  I can try on jewelries and hang them back with ease. My neighbor Totoro agrees.
This DIY project is really fun to do and very budget friendly.  The total cost of this gorgeous organizer is under $40!  The little soot guys (kurosuke from Totoro) came out to see for themselves.

PrintHere’s the tools you will need:

My step-by-step instructions:

Surround yourself with things that spark joy!  Don’t be afraid to tackle a DIY project.  Get messy, make mistakes, it’s all part of the DIY spirit!

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