100+ FREE Designer Pantry Labels To Add Spark To Your Kitchen And More

Seriously, who doesn’t love labels?  When I was young, I was a sticker hoarder.  Every time I went back to Taiwan, I would go on a sticker shopping spree and splurge on gorgeous stickers from Japan and Korea.  Basically, if it’s cute, it goes in the basket.  You might wonder what I do with all those stickers, well, so many things!  On my notebooks, agendas, greeting cards, camera, books, pretty much anywhere that needs a touch of sparkle! These are the patterns I created for my labels.  The colors are inspired by spring flowers from Cherry blossoms (pink), forget-me-not (serenity blue), primrose (snorkel blue), pansy (buttercup yellow), poppy (fiesta red) and snowball viburnum (green flash).

Just looking at these patterns spark joy! According to Marie Kondo’s second book Spark Joy, every storage deserves a personal touch.  When you see it, you should feel excited.  I decided to take on my pantry as my first “customization” project since it is used everyday.  I started by putting all the dried goods in containers instead of just adding a clip after they are opened.  The clipping method just doesn’t work very well. Bags topple over, the labels get covered by the clip and the ones with powdery content get so messy whenever I open or seal them.  So putting all my dried goods in containers just makes sense.  I can organize them upright, read the labels easily, mark the expiration dates before I toss out the boxes they came with.  And as an added bonus, I get to create colorful sticker labels to add that spark!

Simply DOWNLOAD (from your newsletter link) and print them on sticker paper.   You can also sign up and receive them for FREE instantly via your welcome email.

You can also print these labels on regular print paper, cut out and tape to your containers with clear tape.

Did I mention here are blank labels that you can use to organize other things?  I am thinking of using them to label my all-natural cleaners.

Need more labels? Check out these simple and elegant labels that you can download for free for personal use:

Chalkboard Style from Remodelaholic

Laurel Leaves Round from Making Home Base

Hand Lettered from The Creativity Exchange

Here are some snapshots of my pantry transformation in progress: I found using double tape to be very efficient!More to go!

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