10 Illustrations That Perfectly Sum Up The KonMari Method – Part 1 of 2

Ever since I read the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, I have been KonMari-ing rigorously.  It’s so inspiring that I decided to sum it up visually to get more people on board with this life-changing method.

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1. Treat your tidying up as a special event!

(carrying the balloons is Marie Kondo, the amazing organization extraordinaire)

Konmari Celebrate 1

2. Gather EVERY item in the house that belongs to that category you are tidying up. 

Always start with the clothing category. (includes hats, bags, shoes, and so on)

Konmari Gather 2

 3. Begin discarding intensely.

Konmari Discard 3

4. Decide which one goes, which on stays by asking yourself, does it SPARK JOY?

Pick up each item and ask yourself “does it spark joy?”.  Be honest with yourself and let go of what doesn’t excite you.

Konmari Joy 4

5. Fold each item you are keeping neatly.  Every item deserves care and respect. 

Konmari Fold 4

I’ve created a diagram to show you how to fold everything!  For children, Kondo Marie suggests teaching them how to fold first and put away their clothes in the right place.  I have made a set of children clothes labels (boys and girls) that you can print and label their clothes so they know where things go.

6. Store items vertically so it’s easy to see and access.

Konmari Vertical 5

Check out PART 2 of KonMari Method HERE.

Marie Kondo also published a second book called “Spark Joy” for those who want to master the art of decluttering.  Here are 12 illustrated wisdom of the new book.

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If you need some closet inspirations, this surreal Konmari closet will do just the thing.

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