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10 Illustrations That Perfectly Sum Up The KonMari Method – Part 1 of 2

Ever since I read the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, I have been KonMari-ing rigorously.  It’s so inspiring that I decided to sum it up visually to get more people on board with this life-changing method.

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1. Treat your tidying up as a special event! (carrying the balloons is Marie Kondo, the amazing organization extraordinaire)

Konmari Celebrate 1

2. Gather EVERY item in the house that belongs to that category you are tidying up.  Always start with the clothing category. (includes hats, bags, shoes, and so on)

Konmari Gather 2

 3. Begin discarding intensely.

Konmari Discard 3

4. Decide which one goes, which on stays by asking yourself, does it SPARK JOY? (pick up each item and ask yourself this question, answer it honestly)  Get your F R E E wall paper of SPARK JOY here!

Konmari Joy 4

5. Fold each item you are keeping neatly.  Every item deserves care and respect. 

Konmari Fold 4

New post HERE on how to fold EVERYTHING! 

6. Store items vertically so it’s easy to see and access.

Konmari Vertical 5

Check out PART 2 of KonMari Method HERE.

Marie Kondo also published a second book called “Spark Joy” for those who want to master the art of decluttering.  Here are 12 illustrated wisdom of the new book.

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