Back To School Little Helpers

It’s time to say goodbye to summer vacation and get ready to go back to school.  I still remember how much I dreaded going back to school.  A week before school would start, there would be a dark, ominous cloud over my head that followed me everywhere I went.  But as I got older, the cloud dissipated and I began to look forward to returning to school.  I would like to say it was maturity, but honestly, it was almost, definitely the shinning new school agenda that made me excited about returning to school.

The school agenda was my life.  At the beginning of a new semester, every student would receive a new school agenda.  The moment I received my agenda, I would personalize it from cover to index.  Whether it was marking in the birthdays and exam dates, or planning all the after school activities, I personalized every detail with cute stickers and glittering pens.  I made sure that my planner was bursting with colors and illustrations.

Now that I think about it, this is probably why I have a knack for organizing things.  I have always enjoyed organizing stuff, from my schedule, my home to my life goals because in the process, I loved prettifying each idea or plan with personal doodles and stickers.

Here’s my new collection of drawings that can help you and your kids get excited about returning to school.  You can resize and print on sticker paper or print on paper and glue onto your organizers.

How about school lunchboxes?  You can use this healthy lunchbox clipart set to create fun lunch sets!  From sandwiches to rice balls to healthy snacks! There are over 45 items to mix and match.

And this is my latest swimming essential clip art set.  Perfect for swimming classes or pool days.

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