Reduce Reuse Recycle – How A Zero Waste Shop Can Change The World

Reduce Reuse Recycle Zero Waste ShopHave you heard of a zero waste shop before?  I just learned about it this week.  The concept is so out-of-the-box that I knew I have to share it on Juju Sprinkles.

A zero waste shop is basically a shop that aims to sell products without packaging.  Every (or most) product is presented in bulk, so you can either bring your own containers to fill up, or you can buy a reusable containers in the store.  The main idea is to help people reduce waste from packaging and buy only quantity that we need.

Currently there are only four zero waste shops in the world.  Operating a packaging free shop is no easy feat.  They are selling products without colorful packaging, and have to compete against big supermarkets.  If you live near one, please check it out and give your support =)



  1. In.gredients – Austin, United States
  2. Original Unverpackt – Berlin, Germany
  3. Robuust! – Antwerp, Belgium
  4. Unpackaged – London, England

Please share your experience with a zero waste shop, or if you know a similar shop that is trying to reduce packaging, we would love to hear about it!

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