Everything You Ever Need To Know About KonMari Folding

“Now that I have KonMari-ed all my clothes, how do I fold them correctly?”  I am sure I am not the only one with this question.  If you have seen my 10 illustrations that summarize the KonMari method, you would have discovered a cheat sheet on how to fold your basic clothes wrinkle-free and make them stand upright.  However, I realized that there are still many different types of garment that require specific folding instructions.  With that in mind, my sketching hands got to work.  Before diving into the folding method, here are the fundamental principles for folding the KonMari way:


It took me over 3 months of folding practices and dozens of sketches to come up with this comprehensive folding illustration.  And during those months, Marie Kondo’s new book “Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up” was released, which allowed me to check my work against her method.  I was sooo happy to find out that most of my illustrations matched her method.  The only one that was different was the underwear!  I was ecstatic because it meant I didn’t need to redraw my months of work.

These folding illustrations can be download at Sprinkles Shop.  If haven’t finished your decluttering journey, check out my Tidy-Like-A-Pro Kit that will help you through the process step-by-step with all the professional tips!  Click the image for more information.

Beside folding clothes, I have started a new hobby of paper folding.  Check out my latest 3D paper art and origami wall art that might quench your thirst after all the cloth folding 🙂 .  

How about getting your kids involved in tidying? Here are some fun printable that they will absolutely love!  More at Sprinkles Shop.


Thank you for reading this post, come join my Sprinkles Letters for exclusive offers and more inspirations!


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