10 Illustrations That Perfectly Sum Up The KonMari Method – Part 2 of 2

Welcome to part 2 of my KonMari summary. (Part 1 HERE if you haven’t checked it out already!)   I hope you will enjoy these illustrations and share this KonMari magic with others!  Did you know that Marie Kondo has published a second book called “Spark Joy” with more insight into mastering the art of de-cluttering?  Check out the 12 illustrated wisdom about her new book!

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7. Follow the right order of categories. 

After Clothing category (here’s some inspiration on how to organize your jewelry and how to fold wrinkle-free), proceed to Books, Papers, Miscellaneous (subcategories 4.1-4.7 can be KonMari-ed in your own order) and finally Memorabilia.  For closet inspirations, this surreal Konmari closet will do just the thing.

Konmari Category 1 Clothing copy

If you have children, these colorful clothing labels will help them learn how to put away clothes and have fun, too!

Baby Closet Dividers & Labels

Closet Labels for boys

Closet Labels for girlsKonmari Category 2 Books Konmari Category 3 Papers copyKonmari Category 4.1 Office Llivingroom copy

Need help with organizing children’s toys in the living room or, everywhere else?  Categorizing the toys will help them learn where things go after each play.  Here’s a set of Toy Labels that will come in handy.  They can even color the labels themselves to get them more involved!

Konmari Category 4.2 Kitchen copy Konmari Category 4.3 Pantry copy Konmari Category 4.4 Household Supplies copy Konmari Category 4.5 Tools copy Konmari Category 4.6 Bathroom copy

8. Reduce each category until it feels just right, you will know. 

A rule of thumb is to let go of at least half of what you have.

Konmari Reduce Until Right

9. Give each item a designated home, and organize items of the same category in the same area

Do NOT store items based on frequency of use or flow plan. 

Konmari Store Categories Together

10. Surround yourself with joyous things and gain control of your life!

Konmari Joy All Around

Joyful F R E E Downloads

KonMari wallpaper for your desktop or smart phone.

“Joy of Fall” printable PDF for your wall.

KonMari coloring page for all ages.

Organizational and pantry labels

The Konmari journey is truly magical.  Check out these amazing results after you Konmari-ed your house.  And yes, there are a few side-effects afterward, but it’s worth it!  Here’s more wisdom on KonMari-ing for those who are taking it to the next level!KonMari Checklist Juju Sprinkles

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