9 Amazing Results Of The KonMari Method – Part 1

So what happens after you have KonMari-ed your house?  Have you noticed anything different? It’s not just the house that feels orderly and tidy, my life has entered a brand new stage as well.  Is it the same for you? These are 9 amazing changes that I have noticed after completing the KonMari method (Part 1 and Part 2).  I even Konmari-ed my smart phone and tablet.  Checkout how to do declutter your phone and tablet here.

1. Spark Joy decision making goes on autopilot!

It’s so much easier now to decide if something sparks joy or not.  You become a master of saying YES to what works for you and NO to what doesn’t work!

Autopilot Decision Making KonMari

2. Live in the moment.

By letting go of stuff from the past that was weighing you down, you immediate feel lighter and ready to embrace the present. Smell the flowers, savor your tea, you will discover many new things.

Live in the moment KonMari

3. Introducing iControl

When the house is in order, your life gets in order as well. One of the magical results of keeping only things that spark joy is that through the process, you have given yourself the permission to love yourself by surrounding yourself with things that give you joy.  You now have full control of your life.

I Control Joy KonMari

4. Can’t say enough thank you.

Being grateful is no longer a reminder, it’s part of life now.  I return my possessions to their “home” at the end of the day and thank them for all their hard work.  I am more connected to my belongings than I have ever been.

Check out Part 2 here. and some common side effects after Konmari.

Have you completed your decluttering yet?  Whether you are mid-way or just starting, this kit will help you through the decluttering journey step-by-step without the stress.  


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