13 Best Places To Stuff Your Face On Your Road Trip From Portland To San Francisco

We are back!  Our seven day trip has been a serious foodie adventure.  We literally stuffed our face from Day 1 all the way to Day 7.  Normally we would have 3 meals a day, but we managed to have 4-5 smaller meals a day to really get a sample of everything.  Luckily we were able to burn off some of the calories through the many gorgeous hikes in the redwood parks.

So here is the 13 best places that we absolutely loved on our trip!  Portland has numerous delicious spots, but we also discovered some hidden gems on our drive down the coastline!

1. Blossoming Lotus, Portland here

Live Nachos will blow your mind. Green bowl with tofu is delish, too!

Blossoming Lotus Live Nacho750x750Blossoming Lotus Live Greenbowl750x750

2. Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Portland here

Dangerously addictive cold brew coffee with milk (be warned, chocolate flavor is not for the faint of heart!)

Stumptown Chocolate Cold Brew750x750

3. Prasad, Portland here

How can you go wrong with chili, quinoa and avocado in a bowl?

Prasad Bowls750x750

4. Salt & Straw, Portland here

Ice cream that will make you speechless. Pick any flavor on a waffle cone and life is complete!

5. Pearl Bakery, Portland here

Give me more dough!  Try the fig and anise panini.

Pearl Bakery Breads750x750

6. Bamboo Sushi, Portland here

Who knew that sustainable fish is crazy good.  Order the green machine roll and albacore carpaccio and you will know what I mean.

Bamboo Sushi Carpaccio750x750Bamboo Sushi Green Machine750x750

7. Verde Cocina, Portland here

Their mole sauce makes everything taste amazing. The tofu mole is made with local tofu served with veggies over white bean garbanzo mash and doused in mole sauce!

Verde Cocina Tofu Mole750x750

8. La Perla Pizzeria, Eugene here

You don’t need love pesto to love Pizza Genovese. Pugliese is another winner with the right balance of Italian sausage, caramelized onions and mozzarella.

La Perla Pizza Genovese750x750

9. Tony’s Crab Shack, Bandon here

You will want to order more than one fresh crab sandwich here.

Tonys Crab Shack Sandwich750x750

10. Vita Cucina Bakery, Crescent City here

Cuban sandwich never tasted so good. If there’s more room, get their house-made granola with Greek yogurt!

La Vita Cucina Cuban Sandwich750x750La Vita Cucina Granola750x750

11. Goodlife Café & Bakery, Mendocino here

Good life happens when you bite into the breakfast burrito. Have a slice of sour cream cheese cake with blueberry sauce and a strawberry pecan scone to go, you won’t regret it.

Goodlife Cafe Sourcream Cheesecake750x750

12. Los Gallitos, Fort Bragg here

If you like fish tacos, you have to try their grilled salmon tacos. Get the guacamole on the side while you are at it.

Los Gallitos Salmon Tacos750x750

13. Lombardi’s Gourmet Deli and BBQ, Petaluma here

A taste of #4 BBQ salmon and #6 Tri-tip makes me want to have them cater my next event.

Lombardi BBQ Salmon Sandwich750x750

And here are some places that didn’t make the best list but we still enjoyed them:

  • Blue Star Donuts, Portland
  • Pho Oregon, Portland
  • Pono Meat, Portland
  • Nature’s Corner Café, Florence
  • Sushi Tao, Arcata
  • Mayan Fusion, Fort Bragg
  • Cowlicks Ice Cream, Fort Bragg


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