The Great Bake Off – Board Game Style

One of my favorite shows is The Great British Bake off  (The Great British Baking Show).  If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a baking competition with amateur bakers. Each episode the contestants have 3 challenges to complete, a signature, a technical and a show stopper challenge which all fall under a theme such as pastry or bread or something unique like botanical.  They are now on season 8, and I am still fully (belly) committed to watching it from beginning to end .

There are many reasons why I just can’t get enough of it, For one, it’s a show filled with decadent treats, honestly, who can resist that?  Two, it’s a feast for the eyes.  These treats are baked simultaneously by multiple bakers so you get not one but many creative interpretations of the same item.  Three, it’s action packed!  Cracked Swiss rolls, runny icing over warm cake, under baked crust and shaky hands piping delicate frosting.  Four, it’s actually educational.  If you think about it, British has baking history that dates way, way back so they know what they are doing.  I have learned so many baking techniques and tricks, it’s like going to baking school.  Five, the show is filled with British comedy.  The judges, hosts and contestants make hilarious comments and witty remarks like “I’m ganaching my buns” or “It’s just a bit bold and fat and big…” while describing a Swiss roll (32 GBBO Funny Innuendoes).   Anyways, I can probably go on and on but you get the idea.  If you haven’t seen it before, you can binge watch from season 1 to 7 on YouTube.  Oh, how I envy you!

Here’s the link to Season 1 of The Great British Bake Off

In the spirit of the new seasons (fall baking season and GBBO season 8), I have designed a baking board game called Ready Set Bake!  Every design is hand drawn and water-colored .

Ready Set Bake! is a cooperative memory matching game.  Every player works together to “bake” a Strawberry Chocolate Cake by making matches of the same ingredients.

The goal is to match up all the ingredients before all 10 “Oh no” cards are turned over.  It’s a game suitable for kids age 5+ and adults alike.  You will learn the basic ingredients of baking a cake and actually bake it with my one-bowl recipe .

It’s also a great game to bring to birthday parties where kids can play to “make” the cake for the birthday boy or girl.  I also made an add-on set of 4 more ingredients for advanced level players.

Ready Set Bake!

Age 5+
2-6 Players


• Instructions (assembly and play)
• Recipe for Strawberry Chocolate Cake
• 2 Game Boards (8.5 x 11 inches)
• 24 Cake Cards (12 matching ingredients)
• 10 Baking Disaster Cards / Oh no Cards
• 1 Baking Master Card
• 1 Pattern File
Bonus – 8 Cake Cards (4 matching ingredients) + 1 Baking Master Card


 Get this game on Sprinkles Shop or Juju Sprinkles Etsy Shop and download instantly.

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