Everything You Ever Need To Know About Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee much?  I wish I could everyday, but I have a super weak stomach.  I can only have a few sips before the acid starts to make tornadoes in my tummy.  But I still love coffee, I would kill for an iced coffee on a hot day. Well, no one needs to die thanks to cold brew coffee!  My husband introduced me to cold brew coffee sometime in May when he stumbled upon Stumptown coffee at our super badass neighborhood bakery.  I didn’t think much of it at first, but since I started drinking cold brew, I noticed my tolerance for coffee has increased from a few sips to almost a whole cup.   I started to research into this cold brew miracle and found out that it has a lot less acid and many other great benefits.  So here is everything I learned from my research, hope you will try cold brew coffee on your next coffee break! (it’s my first time making an infographics, hope you like it =)

 PrintYou don’t need to make your own cold brew coffee to try these awesome summer beverages.  You can buy cold brew coffee at Trader Joe’s or Wholefoods.  They are concentrated, so use it sparingly.  And don’t forget that cold brew coffee is not just for drinking, it’s great for making ice cream or desserts like chocolate coffee bread pudding!

How about some creative toasts to go with your cold brew?  These toasts are a feast for the eyes!

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