Top Pantone Colors For Fall 2015 – FREE “Favorite Things Of Fall” Printable

When I think of fall, I think of red, orange and brown. But in the Pantone world, it’s a totally different and rich interpretation.  This year, Pantone has developed a gorgeous palette for fall that I couldn’t help resist making a post on it.  Here is the link to the full story behind each color they selected.
Juju Sprinkles Pantone Fall 2015 Colors 800x800

Here’s all my favorite things about fall with Pantone inspired color palette:

Juju Sprinkles Pantone Fall 2015 Colors Joys

Juju Sprinkles Fal Joys Pantone 2015 Fall in Frame

Pantone color palette for Fall 2015:

The same one with classic fall colors:

Juju Sprinkles Pantone Fall 2015 Colors Joys ClassicJuju Sprinkles Fal Joys in FrameIt was so much fun to try the new color palette.  It’s amazing how different the two drawings look with different colors.  Hope this will inspire you to use these new colors on your next project.

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