Stress Relief Sunset Stroll

ParkAll Imprima ResizedFeeling stressed or overwhelmed? At Juju Sprinkles, we are always looking for the next best solution to live healthier and better.  This new technique might just be the next best thing.  People who practice it swears by it (Juju is one of them).  You won’t know until you try it.  And did we mention that this remedy is all natural, all organic and totally free? Yes, like zero, zip, zilch free!

So here’s how the amazing remedy works:

Bring your mobile phone with the flashlight app installed and a thicker jacket.

Get in the park at sunset because that’s when 99% of the park people head home, even the animals, too.

Once you are in the park, find a bench to sit on and look up as you watch the sky darken and the tree silhouette change.

Now here is the critical step, do NOTHING! Just sit still and let yourself be at one with nature. (Don’t even think about reaching for your phone.)

If you follow the instructions, you are guaranteed to feel more relaxed and discover something special.


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