“Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman” – Hotcakes from Heaven

Can you imagine what heaven tastes like?  Well, imagine no more, you can sample a slice of heaven at Tengoku [天国].  The name Tengoku [天国] literally means “heaven” in Japanese!  Their hotcakes are made-to-order and are so fluffy that they will transcend you to heaven!

What are Hotcakes?

The terms hotcakes and pancakes are often used interchangeably. However, in Japan, hotcakes are perceived as fluffier and airier than pancakes.  They are eaten as a sweet snack rather than as a breakfast and are often served in cafes as an afternoon dessert.  Hotcakes in Japan have the consistency of a light sponge cake and are usually much taller than pancakes.

Tengoku’s Hotcakes

Tengoku‘s hotcakes are not your typical hotcakes.  The dry ingredients are mixed when you order your hotcakes!  The batter is then baked on a copper griddle to until golden brown.  Once they have reached their potential height (1.3cm according to Kantaro‘s dialogue), they are marked with Tengoku‘s branding iron.  The charred logo actually adds flavor to the hotcakes.

5 ways to eat Tengoku’s Hotcakes

In “Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman” episode 5, Kantaro demonstrated 5 different ways of enjoying the heavenly hotcakes at Tengoku.  These are his steps:

  1. Plain hotcake
  2. Hotcake with butter
  3. Hotcake with maple syrup
  4. Hotcake with both butter and syrup
  5. Iron-branded part of the hotcake


Want to make some hotcakes?  Check out Cooking with Dog‘s easy hotcake recipe!

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