Just Say My Name

2015-01-08Yoga1-01We all know that exercise makes us feel happy. But did you know remembering someone’s name can also make someone happy, too?

My level of happiness was an 8 out of 10 when I finished my yoga class today, but when my instructor said, “Juju, you did really well today”, it charged to a 10+ level! I was feeling like a bird!

It’s amazing how a little gesture like this can make such a big difference. Shakespeare was spot on when he said

“There is no sound so sweet as the sound of one’s own name”.

Here’s a quick scenario I made up to help you remember someone’s name better:

  1. New person: “Hi, I’m Claire”
  2. Before I say, “Hi, I’m Juju”, I repeat Claire, Claire, Claire in my head.
    I might ask her about her name if I can think of something – “Clair, like Clair de lune?”
    If I can’t think of anything, I might ask how she spells her name.
  3. Now I say, “Hi, I’m Juju” and try to associate Claire with someone or something.
  4. When the conversation is finished, I try to mention her name once more – “Great talking to you Claire!”
    This helps reinforce her name in my head and of course, it makes her feel great!

Make someone happy today by remembering his or her name!

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