Juju’s Next Top Blossom – Week 1 of 4

Spring has sprung and Juju’s Next Top Blossom has begun! Juju’s Next Top Blossom is a reality blog series where natural beauties compete for the title of Juju’s Next Top Blossom. Each week, 3 gorgeous blossoms will present their best photo shoot.

Jujus Next Top Blossom PoseAt the end of the 4th week, you can cast your vote to determine which blossom’s photo shoot is the most inspiring. The winning blossom of Juju’s Next Top Blossom will get a modeling contract with Juju Printing Studio and an art spread in Sprinkles Magazine. The voters (you) will also get a chance to win a complete album of all the blossoms’ glamour shots.

Every blossom is carefully selected among thousands of applicants. From trees to flowers, each blossom must be versatile enough to inspire happiness and joy.

This week’s featured blossoms are put to the challenge as they are photographed to evoke relaxation.

Contestant 1

1 Petit Meg Magnolia OriginalJNTB name: Petit Meg
Name: Magnolia Laevifolia
Origin: Yunnan, China
Category: Shrub
Highlight: butter-yellow stamens, like lashes opening to the sun


1 Petit Meg Magnolia Photo

Contestant 2

2 Baby Blush Lilly Pilly OriginalJNTB name: Pink Bubbly
Name: Lilly Pillly (Syzygium smithii)
Origin: Australia
Category: Tree
Highlight: creamy pink and lavender berries, like beads of a necklace


2 Pink Bubbly Lilly Pilly Photo

Contestant 3

3 White Flamenco Bindweed OriginalJNTB name: White Flamenco
Name: Field Bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis L.)
Origin: Coastal California
Category: Perennials Vines and Climbers
Highlight: chiffon fused petals, like a twirling white flamenco skirt


3 White Flamenco Bindweed Photo

A little about the story behind JNTB

Nature never ceases to amaze me. I love going out for a walk and taking photos of random things I see. With spring in full swing in San Francisco, you can imagine how exciting it is for me to take photos of all the new blossoms in my neighborhood, in the park, at the farmer’s market, and even the ones sprouting out of the curb.

When I take a photo, I tend get in real close and become very still and focused. Sometimes I feel like I am inside the picture, as if I have shrunk to the size of my focused object. When that happens, I get a little carried away with my imagination. I like to imagine what it would be like to live in the object of my photo, sort of like a little person, or a fairy, or Arrietty. Then the idea came to me. I want to sketch these imaginations and share them on Juju Sprinkles. Hence the project of Juju’s Next Top Blossom. Hope these imaginary photos will remind you of the beauty and mystery of nature.

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