4 Steps to Spring Forward

Spring Forward Daylight Saving1Did you know daylight saving is this Sunday?  I am kind of proud of myself for discovering this a whole week ahead of time.  Usually I would find out the day before or in some less fortunate years, the day after.

So what about daylight saving?  First of all, we are moving the clock an hour ahead.  I always get confused, do we lose an hour, or gain an hour?  To clarify things, I made a drawing to show that we move the clock hand forward an hour.

Secondly, did you know you can actually prepare ahead of time?  I am sure we all know what it feels like when our natural rhythm is disrupted.  Can’t focus, get groggy, and lack energy.  But if you follow the steps below, you can really minimize the impact.

If you begin today, Wednesday, it will give you exactly 5 days to gradually adjust your body clock.

Step 1. Set your alarm clock 15 min earlier and earlier each day.

For example:
Original alarm clock: 7:30am
Thursday: 7:15am
Friday: 7:00am
Saturday: 6:45am
Sunday: 6:30am (or 7:30am to catch up on some sleep)  Just make sure you don’t sleep in!

Step 2. Exercise during midday Saturday and Sunday to get some sunlight.

Sunlight can help advance your body clock.

Step 3. Get a good night’s sleep on Sunday.

This means no caffeine, no alcohol, no heavy meal, no working an hour before bedtime, no serious discussions during bedtime and no lights on during your sleep.

Step 4. Change the clocks around the house and set the alarm before going to bed.  If all fails, at least do this last step!

Well, that’s all from me today.  Do you have other tips, or perhaps some funny daylight saving stories you would like to share?  I’m all ears!




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