9 Amazing Results Of The KonMari Method – Part 2

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has brought incredible changes in my life.  Here are more amazing results (part 1 here) I discovered after completing the KonMari method.  It’s hard to believe that a book can have such an impact! Sign up and receive complete Konmari checklist!

5. Bye bye impulse purchase, hello smart shopping!

Everyone I talked with has become a more conscious shopper!  When you use the Spark Joy philosophy to shop, you become immune to discounted deals and special sales.

Smart Shopping KonMari

6. Finding inner peace.

When everything you own has its own “home” to rest comfortably, it unleashes a peaceful energy in the house and in yourself!

Find Inner Peace KonMari

7. Save money.

Oh this is a big one!  Most of the stuff you take to the donation center is tax deductible.  My sister actually found gift cards and a letter from her car company for a recall from 5 years ago.  This added up to almost $500 dollars.  No more need to buy complex organizers or rent storage units!  The urge to shop also decreases significantly!

Save Money KonMari

8. Save time.

After completing the KonMari method, you are pretty much set for life. When an item no longer sparks joy, you discard it without waiting until the next spring cleaning.  And when an item is used, you put it back to where it belongs.  You no longer allocate precious weekend time for tidying up!

Save Time KonMari copy

9. Social ice breaker.

KonMari is a great ice breaker.  You will be surprised at how interested people are about tidying up!  My Spark Joy wall paper comes in real handy when I am explaining this concept.

Social Ice Breaker KonMari

I hope these results will motivate you to give the KonMari method a try if you haven’t already!  Get Tidy-Like-A-Pro Kit to guide you through this decluttering journey.

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