Grateful-icious Moment

I wish someone can remind me to be grateful more often, especially for all the basic things I am lucky to have in my life, like good health, good place to live in, good husband (when he doesn’t get on my case for not playing video game with him), good family, good friends, oh my, I think I can go on forever.

But without reminders, there are still little events and moments in my life that trigger my grateful button.  The closest moment I can remember is my recipe testing this week.  I decided to make another batch of my awesome granola with a twist in spices.  In our household, we are always stocked with fresh granola like people stock their fridge with ice cream (that’s us, too). Even though I have made this recipe so so many times, the modification of spices gave my hazelnut almond vanilla granola an extra kick. Something about the combination of flavors made it work so well.  I was really happy with how it turned out, and my grateful button was pressed down like nobody’s business.  Grateful Granola Recipe TestingI was feeling grateful of so many things at that moment

  1. being able to try new things without reservation
  2. have a grocery that has all the exotic bulk spices
  3. have a kitchen to work in (with a trustworthy oven)
  4. have the time to bake
  5. have family and friends to share my baked goods
  6. have a husband with discerning palette to be my food critic
  7. have made a mind-blowing batch of granola
  8. have some ice cream ready for post-baking relaxation =P

You see, life IS good!  Let’s take a moment to be thankful of our week and give thanks to people who deserve more recognition =) Thank you Emily for inspiring me once again!  Check out these other grateful moments from linkup with Ember Grey:


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