Let’s Watch Movies All Night

Perfect Evening TV

“Let’s watch old movies all night… we’ll just veg out in front of the TV.” ~ Pretty Woman

It’s finally the end of the week, we all deserve a little pampering. If I could pick, my favorite friday evening is to veg out in front of the tv watching a good movie, preferably funny because nothing like a good laugh can’t fix. (Or a good pint of ice cream!)

But picking out the right movie is not easy. Sometimes we would run through 6-10 trailers before we kind of figured out which movie we felt like watching. And if we were lucky, our 1.5-2 hours would be well spent, otherwise, we would finish feeling a little cheated.

There are a lot of movie rating sites for reference, we typically use Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb together to compare (I think IMDb has a wider range of movies). But ratings are ratings, they can still be hit-or-miss. I always enjoy recommendations from friends and family because they are usually spot-on with their suggestions.

To return the favor, here are 3 awesome lighthearted movies that I watched recently. If you got something you like, share with us, for the love of movie nights!

3 Awesome Lighthearted Movies:

  1. Wood Job 2014 – prepare for some serious belly laughs, for all people
  2. This Means War 2012 –this chick flick just cracks me up
  3. Big Hero 6 2014 – fun hero animation that makes you want to live in Sanfransokyo now

Hope you all enjoy a perfect evening!

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