Let It Go

SkateFinalLast week I went ice skating, first time in over five years. I was a little scared, but it turned out wonderful!  I didn’t fall, YAY!  But more importantly, I learned a valuable lesson from the kids on the ice.

Some were beginners, some were novice, and some were Ana and Elsa wannabes, yet, they all shared one thing in common – they were fearless and having fun.

The air was filled with youthful determination and fearless energy.  Yes, the children were tripping, slamming and slipping all around me, but all of them pushed themselves back up and kept going like a “Let It Go” broken record.

I thought to myself, we should all chase our dreams with their spirit – don’t be afraid to fall, just get up and keep going!  So today’s drawing is a tribute to all the little children on the ice rink.  Thank you for inspiring me!

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