20 Easy Ways To Break Your Plastic Habit

I will admit, I am not proud of some my plastic habit.  But if there was a comparison chart (like the monthly energy bill from PG&E), I would probably land in the below average use zone.  Growing up, my parents have always been very conscious about plastic waste.  We re-used our zip lock bags for packing lunches and we never threw away a plastic bag until it had been re-used a couple of times.  Despite our efforts, plastic was still an integral part of our lives.

But last year, I started using reusable straws in preparation for the straw ban in San Francisco, I realized how easy it was to switch over.  In the beginning I was apprehensive about carrying my own straws around and having to wash after each use, but soon I was used to it.  Now, I actually prefer using my straws to sip because they have a rounded tip that makes it easy to sip and it makes me feel good for contributing to a greener environment.  Thanks to this simple straw transition, I felt more than ready to change my other plastic habits.

Then earlier this year, I saw an article in Bon Appetit magazine about breaking your plastic habit.  It mentioned that only “9 percent of all plastic are actually recycled, and none of it, has ever biodegraded”.  It was quite shocking to read the stats and made me realize that I need to double up on my effort to say goodbye to plastic in my life.

Many of the changes are very easy to make.  I would recommend taking one step at a time.  Once you are accustomed to a new habit, you can start a new one.  For me, the easiest ones are using reusable shopping bags and reusable water bottles.  Much like carrying my phone everywhere I go, I have my reusable grocery bag and my water bottle with me at all time.  The key is to take baby steps and keep trying!  Check out my zero-waste bulk store shopping post that I did for more inspirations.  If you like a copy of this poster, you can find an instant downloadable version from Sprinkles Shop!

I created another version that will be great as stickers or as fridge magnets



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