Easy DIY Boba Tea Cards That You Can Make In 10 Minutes

Do you have family or friends who love boba tea or bubble tea?  If you do, save this link because it will become super handy!  In this post, I will be sharing with you beautiful hand-made boba tea cards that you can make in 10 under minutes!  They can be personalized to fit any occasion, from “Happy Birthday” to “Just Because”.  And if you can give this card in person, the 3D origami boba tea card will definitely impress any boba tea lovers.

Making your own cards may seem like a lot of work, but it makes a huge difference.  Just imagine the smile that your receivers will have when they hold one of your cards in their hands.  That itself is worth every effort!  And actually, with this template, you can make an impressive boba tea card in under 10 minutes!   Talk about a big return on a small investment!

For this boba tea template, it includes 3D origami boba tea which you can make for your card, or frame them as artwork.  It also has cute embellishments that you can mix and match to make as many as 4 different cards!


Tools you will need

⭕ Paper for color printing (standard A4)

⭕ Scissors

⭕ Glue

⭕ Blank cards (1-4)

Don’t forget to enjoy your crafting session with a fresh boba tea drink! (How to Order Boba Tea like a Taiwanese)

Step-by-step Video

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