5 Clutter Free Gifts that Moms Will Love

Mother’s Day (May 17th) is just around the corner, have you thought of a gift yet?  I always have a hard time thinking of a gift for my parents because at their age, they have pretty much everything.  That said, I know that when I take time and effort to prepare a gift, the thoughtfulness always comes through.  Often times, the thought is more important than the gift itself.

Here are 5 thoughtful gifts that are sure to please:

1. Something she can do with you.

This one is all about creating the mom and daughter bonding time like the olden days.

  • Afternoon tea at a nice hotel or cafe
  • Spa or hair salon appointment
  • Movie that mom will like
  • Concert or performance of mom’s favorite musician or band
  • Art exhibit of mom’s favorite artist(s)

2. Something to make her life easier.

Create coupons for acts of service.  Who doesn’t like a little help around the house?

  • Smartphone / Computer maintenance and update (my parents love this one!)
  • One day house cleaning service
  • Garden work
  • One home cooked meal by you
  • Home decluttering (sounds like a huge undertaking but it will be totally worth it.  Get the Tidy-like-a-Pro Kit to guide you through the process stressfree)

3. Something she can eat or drink

Everyone loves to eat!  Try to pick healthier and organic options if you can.

  • A basket filled with healthy and organic food that mom loves.  You can pick items that she already likes to eat, or you can find artisanal options at gourmet grocery shops or local farmers market (how to make the most of farmers market).
  • A fresh produce subscription from local farms for mom who loves to cook
  • A fruit bouquet (you can make it yourself for under $20!)

4. Something she can learn.

If your mom loves to learn new things or have hobbies, she will definitely appreciate this one.

  • Lessons in art, music, dance, language, you name it, there’s probably a class for it.
  • Subscriptions or membership to specialty magazines or books.

5. Something everyone in the family will enjoy.

  • A weekend family getaway. If you live close to your parents, this is a really great option.  You can discuss this trip in advance before or on Mother’s day.  Simply find out which weekend mom is available and pick a nearby destination about 2 – 3 hours away.
  • A personalized family calendar with all of you in it!  You can also add in all the special dates like birthdays, anniversaries and special holidays.

Hope you feel inspired by these gift ideas.  Personalization is key to a memorable gift, so take some time to really think about what mom likes and go for it!  

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Happy Mother’s Day Gifting!


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