Christmas Holiday Planner Printable


This Holiday Planner is the ultimate planner you need to BREEZE through this holiday. Every page was designed thoughtfully to help put order to this chaotic time of the year.





P R I N T A B L E • S E T

This 2019 Holiday Planner is the ultimate planner you need to BREEZE through this holiday. Every page was designed thoughtfully to help put order to this chaotic time of the year. From the most basic to-do list to the elaborate party planning checklist, you will find little details that will truly make this year’s holiday planning fun and enjoyable.


C O N T E N T • I N C L U D E S

The Holiday Planner is organized into 6 sections.

Cover Page
Table of Contents


Getting Organized
• To-do List
• Weekly Agenda
• Monthly Calendars
• Address Book
• Password Keeper
• Notes


Budget & Shopping
• Master Budget
• Budget Tracker
• Online Order Tracker


Gifts & Giving
• Card List
• Shopping List
• Gift List – Individual
• Gift List – Group
• Acts of Kindness
• Dear Santa Letter
• Secret Santa Questionnaire


• Baking List
• Recipe Cards
• Grocery List


Decorations & Entertainment
• Decoration Inventory
• DIY List
• Holiday Playlist


Party Hosting
• Guest List
• Party Planning Checklist
• Menu Planner
• Cleaning Checklist
• Day of Planner


8 festive gift tags


Detail Pages:


1. Holiday Planner Cover Page with space to write the year or family name
2. Table of Contents
3. To-Do List – Use as many as you need to get things done
4. Weekly Agenda – Plan your week’s activities and errands with priority list and to-do list
5. Calendar (November + December + January) – A month at a glance to plan events & activities during and after holidays (3 pages)
6. Address Book – Merge all the addresses in one location that you can use year after year
7. Password Keeper – Keep track of all the usernames and passwords
8. Notes – Write down your ideas or sketch them in the blank box below
9. Master Budget – plan you entire holiday budget
10. Budget Tracker – keep track of all your expenses by category
11. Online Order Tracker- Keep track of all online gift purchases and status
12. Card List – Keep track of your recipients and make sure no one is left out this year
13. Gift List by Groups – Plan out gifts for groups of friends and family and keep track your budget and gift-wrapping.
14. Gift List by Individuals – Same as above except for individual persons
15. Shopping List – Plan out your store trips & what gifts to buy
16. Santa Letter – Ready to fill in template for children to write their wish lists and their nice deeds this year
17. Secret Santa Questionnaire – Use this list of 10 questions to help secret Santa shop for the right gifts
18. Acts of Kindness- 25 acts of kindness (ie. Help a friend wrap gifts) that you can cut out and pick one each day
19. Baking List – Plan out your Holiday baking and keep track of all the sources
20. Recipe Cards – Write out your recipes and use them year after year
21. Grocery List – Write all your grocery needs in categories (ie. dairy, bakery, meats, etc.) to make the shopping experience easier
22. Decoration Inventory – Keep track of what decorations you have on hand to avoid buying any duplicates
23. DIY List – Plan your holiday crafts and projects. Make notes of supplies or tools you need & what you need to buy
24. Holiday Playlist – Compile your holiday playlist for your party ahead of time (with 20 classic Holiday songs included)
25. Holiday Party Checklist – Hosting a party? Plan out the details with this comprehensive checklist and timeline
26. Guest List- Use this sheet to keep track of party invites and RSVPs
27. Menu Planner – Plan your dinner menu, recipe sources, & what you will need
28. Cleaning Checklist – Use this checklist to make sure your house is tidy and clean for your guests
29. Day of Planner – Plan out the day – meals, hour by hour schedule, activities, traditions and more
30. Gift Tags – 8 designs per sheet.

TOTAL 33 Pages


D O W N L O A D • I N C L U D E S

All in 1 Zip file
1 PDF of Cover Page (2 pages | 8.5x11in)
1 PDF of Get Organized (9 pages | 8.5x11in)
1 PDF of Budget (3 page | 8.5x11in)
1 PDF of Gifts & Giving (7 pages | 8.5x11in)
1 PDF of Food (3 pages | 8.5x11in)
1 PDF of Decorations & Entertainment (3 pages | 8.5x11in)
1 PDF of Party Hosting (5 pages | 8.5x11in)
1 PDF of Gift Tags (1 page | 8.5x11in)

Print planner on 8.5 x 11 inch white paper. You can also print the bonus gift tags on card stock paper for a nicer feel
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