Monday Inspiration

Matrix Bullet DodgeToday is Be Neo Day. We shall dodge Monday blues with superhuman reflexes like Neo.

You might wonder why I drew okra instead of real bullets, it’s because eating okra to some people is pretty much the same as biting a bullet. Not only that, don’t you find that the shape of okra resembles a bullet? Or am I just imagining that in my head because it’s Monday?

Anyways, I am actually a huge fan of okra, but I won’t get offended if you don’t like it.  I didn’t like it at all when I was young, and then one day my mom made a plate of quick boiled okra drizzled with soy sauce.  Ka Boom, okra rocks!

Everything is awesomeSo now that we have dodged Monday blues, it’s time to bring it up a notch – make everything awesome! Have you heard of Everything is Awesome song or watched The Lego Movie? I like the song so much we actually choreographed it into our surprise wedding mix!

Trust me, you will want to get up and dance when you play this song, it’s so infectious!

Have an awesome Monday!

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