3D Paper Art That Will Quench Your Thirst This Summer

I have a special diet in the summer, it’s called the “boba-diet”.  In the hot summer weather, I drink boba tea like I would water.  On my desk there’s a permanent spot with a coaster reserved for fresh boba tea.  Although I drink boba tea like a fish, I don’t always order boba in my tea.  What??  Yes, you heard it right.  I don’t always get boba because it’s like a meal itself and I have to drink it right away.  I can’t refrigerate my drink since boba turns hard and gummy.  So while I was daydreaming of a boba tea that could stay fresh all day, I had a boba-reka moment!

The Big Question: Is there a boba tea that lasts all day?

Typical Answer: Nope!

Juju’s Answer: Nope, but a paper made one will! 🙂

Here’s my latest DIY project inspired by boba tea / bubble tea.  Hope you will be inspired to make one yourself or try other nifty crafting projects this summer.  Don’t forget to check out how to order a boba tea like a Taiwanese if you haven’t already.  Did you know you can also order less boba or other toppings in your drink?!For this 3D paper boba tea, I was 110% in the crafting trance.  The dome-shaped boba tea lid was a huge geometry undertaking.  I felt like Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory TV comedy trying to solve some not-intended-for-average-human-being mathematical problem.  But clearly mine was way easier than whatever he had to solve. 

And good news, after countless testing and experimenting, I have found a solution!  My grade 10 teacher Mr. Chang would have been so proud of me!

The dome-shaped lid is not necessary to build the 3D paper boba tea.  I made it because the dome lid is the traditional boba tea lid.  Growing up, all the boba tea that I had had a dome lid like this.  I am not sure the exact purpose of the dome shape for boba tea, but no matter as long as it looks cool and oh so nostalgic!

I made one for milk tea, matcha and taro.  Have you tried taro smoothie before?  There’s this boba tea shop that I go to just for the best fresh taro smoothie in San Francisco.  If you never had one, make sure you try one that is made with fresh taro instead of the powdered stuff.  The color should be a light purple instead of vibrant purple like ube (check out this ube cartoon) because taro root is actually white with light pink and purple specks on the inside.  And one of the bonus of ordering a taro smoothie is that there is no caffeine in it so you can get it as a dinner dessert!


To make this 3D paper boba tea, simply download for FREE and print out as many as you like! If you are a subscriber of Sprinkles Letter, the file has been sent to your email via this week’s Sprinkles Letter.  You can also sign up right now and receive it instantly via Sprinkles Letter welcome email.

I recommend using higher weight paper like this 24lb laser print paper or this 65lb cardstock to give the 3D model more rigidity without being too hard to fold crisply.  Both types of paper are great for this project.


  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or other quick dry craft glue
  • Stationary knife and cutting mat (optional, the knife is great for cutting corner angles between glue tabs, fast and clean)

The time is takes to make a boba tea model is about an hour.  If you are skipping the dome (I promise not to be sad about it), it should take a little over 30 minutes 🙂


1. Cut out the shape and fold at solid lines.2. Apply glue to indicated locations.3. Apply glue to assemble all the pieces together.4.Take photo of your masterpiece and put it on instagram (don’t forget to tag me @jujusprinkles) 😉Matcha with my favorite dome lid.One with yummy taro smoothie. And one with classic milk tea.Heck, take as many photos as you like! After making my first 3D papercraft, I am totally hooked!  Feel free to share with me your 3D paper ideas.  Once I create enough 3D paper art templates, I am going throw a boba tea slash papercraft party!  Stay tuned and boba on!

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