11 Egg-Shaped Desserts For An Eggcellent Easter

Like eggs?  Love eggs! With Easter here, there are so many adorable egg-shaped desserts that will make you fall in love with eggs all over again!

Besides the 8 Awesome Easter Candies you probably have had by now, it’s time to bring the sweet-odometer to the next level.  This roundup of egg-shaped desserts are the crème-de-la-crème of Easter desserts.  Egg-shaped whoopie pies, macarons, macaroons, cookies, donuts, jellos, popsicles and cakes that will make your Easter super Eggtravagant!

1. Cheesecake-Filled Chocolate Easter Egg Cups recipe from Raspberri Cupcake1 Cheese cake Easter Egg
2. Easter Egg Donuts recipe from SugarHero5 easter-doughnuts-4
3. Poppy Seed Easter Egg Cookies recipe from Bake to the roots 4 Poppy Seed Egg Cookies2
4. Malted Milk Speckled Egg Cookies recipe from Sweet Tooth5 Speckled-Malted-Milk-Sugar-Cookies-11314-copy
5. DIY Egg-Shaped Whoopie Pies recipe from The Etsy Blog6 etsy-sprinklebakes-recipes-large
6. Coconut Macaroon Nutella Nest recipe from two peas & their pod2 coconut-nest-cookies
7. Easter Egg Surprise Cakes recipe from Made with pink10 Easter Surprise Cake
8. Easter Nougat Cream recipe from Koki Doo8 Nougat-Cream-Spoon2
9. Jellied Easter Surprise Eggs recipe from Kitchen Frau2 IMG_7850-jellied-Easter-Eggs-682x1024
10. Easter Egg Macarons with Lemon Buttercream and Lemon Curd recipe from Bake to the roots3 Easter Macarons Lemon
11. Easter Egg Popsicles recipe from Ramblings of Handbag Designer9 egg popsicle

I think I can probably polish off 2 of each egglicious dessert above =)  Do you have some other Easter desserts that you like to share?  I would love to hear about it!

Have a Sweet Easter everyone!


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