The Ultimate Holiday Planner Printable

Say “I” if you want to get more organized this year.  I know I do E-V-E-R-Y year.  I get all pumped up and start making a list of things I would like to get done, but somehow things just fall through the cracks.  I would blame the dog for chewing up my lists, but I don’t actually have a dog.  So long story short, I never quite had a year that I finished all the things I wanted to do.

This year is going to be different.  R-E-A-L different.  In October I started searching for the perfect Christmas Holiday Planner .  I found many but as I spent an hour here and an hour there, I realized time is better spent if I make my own planner that would check off all the things that I want.  The key to a good holiday planner is that it HAS TO BE REUSABLE next year.  Once I put in all the information in a planner, I definitely want to reuse that information the year after that especially the budget, gift list, decoration inventory, etc.

After 2 weeks of serious research, list making, drawing and editing, I have created Juju Sprinkles’ Ultimate Holiday Planner!  I am proud to say, it has everything that I need and want.  It even includes a Santa’s Letter template and Secret Santa Questionnaire!  This Ultimate Holiday Planner has a total of 33 pages!  It is organized into 6 categories with color coded banners to keep things organized.  Here’s my new Holiday Planner

Here’s what this Ultimate Holiday Planner includes:

  • Holiday Planner Cover Page with space to write the year or family name
  • Table of Contents

Getting Organized (8 pages)

  • To-Do List – I love this one, it’s got a section for ideas, too.
  • Weekly Agenda – Plan your week’s activities and errands with priority list and to-do list sections
  • Calendar (November + December + January) – A month at a glance to plan events & activities during AND after the holidays (3 pages)
  • Address Book – Merge all the addresses in one location that you can use year after year.
  • Password Keeper – Keep track of all the usernames and passwords (this one is a life-saver)
  • Notes – Write down your ideas or sketch them in the blank box below

Budget Planning (3 pages)

  • Master Budget – plan you entire holiday budget
  • Budget Tracker – keep track of all your expenses by category
  • Online Order Tracker- Keep track of all online gift purchases and status

Gifts & Giving (7 pages)

  • Card List – Keep track of your recipients and make sure no one is left out this year
  • Gift List by Groups – Plan out gifts for groups of friends and family and keep track your budget and gift-wrapping.
  • Gift List by Individuals – Same as above except for individual persons
  • Shopping List – Plan out your store trips & what gifts to buy
  • Santa Letter – Ready to fill in template for children to write their wish lists and their nice deeds this year
  • Secret Santa Questionnaire – Use this list of 10 questions to help secret Santa shop for the right gifts
  • Acts of Kindness- 25 acts of kindness (ie. Help a friend wrap gifts) that you can cut out and pick one to do each day

Food (3 pages)

  • Baking List – Plan out your Holiday baking and keep track of all the sources (How about some Apple Pie Baking Game your children to play while you bake?)
  • Recipe Cards – Write out your recipes and use them year after year or share them with others
  • Grocery List – Write all your grocery needs in categories (ie. dairy, bakery, meats, etc.) to make the shopping experience easier

Decoration & Entertainment (3 pages)

  • Decoration Inventory – Keep track of what decorations you have on hand to avoid buying any duplicates
  • DIY List – Plan your holiday crafts and projects. Make notes of supplies or tools you need & what you need to buy
  • Holiday Playlist – Compile your holiday playlist for your party ahead of time (with 20 classic holiday songs included)

Party Hosting (5 pages)

  • Holiday Party Checklist – Hosting a party? Plan out the details with this comprehensive checklist and timeline
  • Guest List- Use this sheet to keep track of party invites and RSVPs
  • Menu Planner – Plan your dinner menu, recipe sources, & what you will need
  • Cleaning Checklist – Use this checklist to make sure your house is tidy and clean for your guests
  • Day of Planner – Plan out the day – meals, hour by hour schedule, activities, traditions and more

**BONUS*** Gift Tags

Happy Planning everyone!  The Ultimate Holiday Planner is on sale right now at Juju Sprinkles Shop or Juju Sprinkles Etsy Shop. You can download it INSTANTLY and start planning!

Here are some fun holiday coloring pages that you can download for F R E E when you sign up.

12 Days of Christmas Konmari Style

Coloring Gift Tags

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